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Thanks for the smartsheet tip! I'm going to check it out!


You're welcome! It's a tool that I use daily.


A project is never completed at 90%; assuming that it is can be detrimental to the end product. Checks and balances, even perfectionism, is not a negative attribute to have when presenting a product to potential customers. Covering all bases and making sure the end results meets all criteria, and utilizes a team effort speaks volumes about a company's structure and its employees.


Jason, you are absolutely right. In hindsight I should have gone into more detail or perhaps used a better illustration to explain that sometimes projects need more defined start and end periods. Using percentages wasn't the best way to describe that. I know that for me, work projects are always evolving. If I don't say, “Okay, once A,B and C are completed, it's time to roll this out. X,Y and Z will be in version 2.0.” then I will never complete the project because I always see plenty of room for more improvement.

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